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About MMR

The heartbeat behind Midwest Multisport Races, Judi Fluger...

founded this company with a passion for people, inclusivity, local business support, and family-centered entertainment in mind. 

Her passion for triathlon was born with her very first sprint and has not dulled since. She loves this racing community! As many of you know, she calls triathlon a family and is always so excited to have new members join. Judi has been directing races for over 13 years now, so it only seemed reasonable to continue to do what she loves – throw parties!

What can you expect when you race with MMR? A sense of community before, during, and after your race. We encourage our participants to interact with and support each other - especially our newbies. You will find experienced triathletes in transition as volunteers to make sure you have resources for even your craziest questions. But most importantly, to make sure you are having fun. Like you, Judi has a limited number of resources for entertainment, and she wants to make every effort to make sure your race experience results in memories that will last a lifetime. So, bring your friends or make some new friends and join the MMR community!


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MMR Office Hours

Judi is in the MMR office almost everyday; however, her office hours vary from day to day depending on her crazy work and meetings schedule. We encourage you to make an appointment via the contact form above so she can set time aside devoted to you and your questions.

Office is closed on scheduled race days.

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